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Service with a Smile

Tekzone specialises in providing services and IT support to small or large businesses, either at your home or place of business, in person or via phone or email.

Assembly and upgrade

To provide you with high quality computers and components at low cost Tekzone has partnerships with accredited suppliers and distributors. Many business owners and managers are not entirely sure what they need from their computer system. Because Tekzone staff have the knowledge and the expertise they can tailor your computer specifically for your needs.

Diagnose and repair problems

When your computer starts misbehaving and you don’t know why or how to fix it – call Tekzone. Their highly qualified technicians have years of experience in diagnosing and repairing both software and hardware problems.

Internet and network set up

No business, big or small, can operate today without fast internet access. Tekzone can help you set up broadband internet access for your home or business. It can network your computers so data can be easily communicated and shared – across different locations, if need be.

Server deployment/maintenance

We can help you build and run a server that will host your website, email or anything else you may need. We will also help you maintain your server to keep everything running fast and efficiently.

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